What can I do to help manage pain during the current COVID-19 crisis?

1) Take it one day at a time.

On any road to recovery, there are "ups and downs". We know the graph isn't linear and it is important to remember this as you heal. There will be good days and bad days. When you are feeling like you’re improving and then have a bad day/pain day it is hard not to get frustrated or sometimes to feel like you are taking steps backwards but know this is normal – just because one day has more pain, doesn't mean that you aren't progressing.

2) Use pain control strategies that "work" for you and consider tracking your home program.

Patients at Physiohaus have varied pain control strategies. Pain science can be complex, but if there is a strategy that works for you - use it! We have provided our patients with home programming and subscribe to software that allows you to track your progress. You can share this information with your therapist and continue to use your own methods of symptom control at home. In many cases, your insight into your best self-management will direct you along your path to recovery.

3) Stay positive!

Remember that you are in great hands with your clinical team at Physiohaus. Remember to reflect on the first day that you were assessed and compare it with where you are now. Whether you have more movement, strength or improved function at home - these are all wins that should not be ignored during your recovery.

4) Mix it up!

Right now is a great time to participate in outdoor activities that are new to you. Have you walked the path at Springbank, but not the Coves? Have you run intervals at Gibbons Park? Did you know about the Yoga on the Green in Wortley Village? Are you interested in doing private virtual classes in your back yard or apartment? Find things that are new to you and add them in - mixing up activities targets different muscles and allows you to stay away from a repetitive and predictable program.

5) Reach out!

If you would like to chat with your therapist but don't want to come into clinic, consider our virtual care! We have created an excellent process for assessing and treating injuries using a secure online portal. Read what our patients have said about our clinic here!

While things are different right now, our goal is to support you, and to remind you that you have great tools to support yourself. If you have questions about what we can do to help in your recovery, connect with us and we will have our administrative staff follow-up with you.