The Physiohaus RUNLAB is a state-of-the-art analysis program for runners (and walkers) of all levels from beginner to advanced. It offers a continuum between your Physiotherapy assessment and understanding your specific running mechanics.

The RUNLAB program consists of three parts:

  1. Interview: A detailed interview with one of our experienced Physiotherapists about your running history, injuries, treatment and goals.
  2. Assessment: Performing a run-specific Physiotherapy assessment focusing on functional movement and strength testing.
  3. Video Analysis: Capture video and images to pinpoint mechanical issues.

Your Physiotherapist will follow-up with you about initial assessment findings. They will complete an independent analysis of the video footage collected and generate visual snapshots of the specific mechanical issues related to your running concerns. Learn more about RunLAB by watching this video.

Treatment Plan

From here, the Physiotherapist can generate a treatment plan to help you reach your specific goals. Treatment planning may include: specific exercise prescription, training recommendations, and co-ordinating care with allied healthcare or medical practitioners.

Our goal at Physiohaus is to provide you with a comprehensive assessment and to use evidence-informed treatment to improve your running, health and overall wellness.

If you are currently being treated with a practitioner and would like to have an assessment in the RUNLAB, we are happy to liaise with your health care practitioner regarding our assessment findings.

Our Experienced Perspective

Our Physiotherapy team has advanced training in orthopaedics, and experience diagnosing and treating running injuries. They bring an experienced perspective to the RUNLAB and have instinctive sense when assessing movement dynamics. Full-body gait analysis with the specific focus developed at Physiohaus, helps our team understand your specific movement patterning and allows us to correlate findings from our clinical assessment with your running analysis.

Who Benefits from a RUNLAB Assessment?

A RUNLAB assessment is a unique opportunity to look for a relationship between re-occurring injuries and running or walking mechanics. Runners or long-distance walkers may complain of specific pain, stiffness, weakness or recent changes in performance. It is an opportunity to refine run or walk mechanics, increase strength, power and speed potential and help to increase resiliency from injuries.

Throughout the sessions that follow; you will be taken through a step-by-step process to refine your own technique and address areas where you can improve on strength and mobility.

Through repeat video feedback and weekly homework given, we will help you integrate our cues into your runs or walks and guide you through the changes to your running form.

Whether you are just getting into running or have been running for years; let us help you maximize your potential!

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The RUNLAB Physiotherapy services are covered by most extended healthcare plans:

  • Initial Assessment and Video Analysis: $140 (75 minutes)
  • Follow-up � Includes review of video footage and treatment: $100 (45 minutes)
  • Subsequent Follow-up Appointments: $75 (30 minutes)

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