The British Journal of Sports Medicine published great information about low back pain (LBP).

Once red flags and serious pathology are excluded, evidence says:

Fact 1: LBP is not a serious life-threatening medical condition.

Fact 2: Most episodes of LBP improve/LBP does not get worse as we age.

Fact 3: A negative mindset, fear-avoidance behaviour, negative recovery expectations, and poor pain coping behaviours are more strongly associated with persistent pain than is tissue damage.

Fact 4: Scans do not determine prognosis of the current episode of LBP.

Fact 5: Graduated exercise and movement is safe and healthy for the spine.

Fact 6: Spine posture during sitting, standing and lifting does not predict LBP.

Fact 7: A weak core does not cause LBP, and some people with LBP tend to overtense their ‘core’ muscles. Trunk muscles should be strong and relaxed.

Fact 8: Spine movement and loading is safe and builds structural resilience when it is graded.

Fact 9: Pain flare-ups are more related to changes in activity, stress and mood rather than structural damage.

Fact 10: Effective care for LBP is relatively cheap and safe. This includes: education that is patient-centred and fosters a positive mindset, and coaching people to optimize their physical and mental health (engaging in physical activity/exercise, social activities, healthy sleep habits and body weight, and remaining in employment).