At Physiohaus, we treat knee pain, pre and post surgical knee injuries and running-related injuries. We use manual therapy in our treatment to help optimize your recovery.

The primary goals of manual therapy are to:

Modulate pain
Increase range of motion
Improve contractile & non-contractile tissue repair
Facilitate movement

We use manual therapy to improve function of the kinetic chain. In particular in the knee, techniques are aimed at increasing the extensibility of collagen, optimizing joint lubrication and reduction of muscle tone which all result in improved joint function and joint mobility.

In this specific case, we used knee mobilization with soft tissue release to improve end of range knee extension. This treatment, in combination with dry needling, IMS, evidence informed treatment and home exercises have resulted in this patient not needing surgical intervention.

We thrive in treating complex knee pain, and work with your surgeon and personal trainer to facilitate a return to work, sport and life. If you are in looking for Physiotherapy in London Ontario, give Physiohaus a call at 519-204-4445.