Yoga One London offers three distinct levels of classes which gradually increase in complexity to improve core strength, flexibility and balance. Whether the goal is to recover from an injury or improve fitness, learners of all abilities will find an approachable and well-designed practice at Yoga One.

Andrew Baerthel is the first and only instructor in the London region certified in the Breathe Into Motion Yoga system, which has been recognized by local medical professionals as an effective compliment for injury rehabilitation.

In addition to teaching yoga retreats internationally, Andrew has also co-ordinated not-for-profit yoga and stress reduction programs for at-risk and marginalized youth populations in high schools, family shelters and youth drop-in centres.

Andrew currently coaches the 5k / Learn to Run Clinic at New Balance London and has run races from 5k to the New York City Marathon. His unique experience has helped him develop a thorough understanding of the complexities and rigors of athletic training.

Semi-Private Functional Yoga.
Semi-Private Functional Yoga.



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