Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) can result in mild whiplash lasting a few weeks, to life changing injuries requiring ongoing care. The management of your car accident injuries can be stressful. Not only are you and your family dealing with the physical consequences of the accident, you also have to navigate an unfamiliar insurance and treatment system to access the care that you need. The first thing you need to do is choose a therapist for your recovery. At Physiohaus, we want patients to be aware of their options in this process.

Advanced Training and Experience Matter

When dealing with significant injuries, you want to be sure that you are seeing clinicians that treat these injuries ... regularly. There can physical and cognitive deficits following an MVA. It is important that the clinicians you work with are qualified to identify all of the problems related to your accident and tailor your treatment plan to address the issues you are having. All of our therapists have advanced post graduate training, and if they are not FCAMPT certified, they are likely in the process of obtaining this certification. We also have extensive training in acupuncture, whiplash and concussion training and return to work programming. If you are a runner, we even have a "Runlab" where we assess and advance your biomechanics to get you back to the activities that you love!

Communication Matters

At Physiohaus - there is clear communication with clinicians and administration. You may have multiple clinicians working to help you, your physician, employer, insurance company and in some cases your legal team may need to be kept informed. It's important to choose a team that is committed to communicating with everyone involved to keep your recovery on track.

Preferred Providers

Many corporate clinics are part of a "Preferred Provider Network". Please be aware that if your insurer advises you to attend a "preferred provider" clinic, that you have a choice. Many independent clinics (non-corporate clinics) are not part of the preferred provider network. As a consumer and a patient, you have a choice to attend a clinic that has the administrative capacity to manage your automobile injury claim. At Physiohaus, we invest in our administrative process to ensure that we help manage your claim, and ensure that you get the best results under our care.

FSCO Registration

Health care providers that are well equipped to work with MVA patients will be registered with FSCO (Financial Services Commission Of Ontario). This registration makes it easier for the organization to communicate with your insurer swiftly and allows them to bill the company directly, making the administrative process much simpler for the patient.

Deciding who will provide your rehab is an important step. At Physiohaus we believe in making the process as easy as possible on the patient so that they can focus on their recovery. If you have questions about the process, give us a call at 519-204-4445.