Is Rest Best for Tendinopathy?

When tendinopathy develops, it can become painful to continue doing the activity you love. Although it may be beneficial to reduce your activities or unload your tendon in the short-term, it is VERY important to gradually introduce strengthening for your tendon. This will allow it to re-adapt to the load you would typically place on it during your activities. It is important to GRADUALLY resume these activities, monitoring how much you are doing and how your tendon is responding.

At Physiohaus we work with you to determine your tendonís current load capacity and introduce you to exercises that will stimulate your tendon to tolerate more load. We also help you to develop a plan to get you back to your full activities, as well as teach you how to manage symptoms in the case of a flare up.

Recovery from tendinopathy can sometimes be a bumpy road, but with the right support team in place you can get back to the activities you love! Physiohaus London 519.204.4445.

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