The abdomen is an often-neglected area for care in Massage Therapy, comprising a large percentage of body surface and housing some of our most vital structures.

It’s easy to forget about our belly and its health, but especially in our world of hyper-caffeination, poor eating, excessive sitting, and inadequate breathing, there is a lot of discomfort we can alleviate by treating the abdomen.

The most common abdominal complaint is likely constipation, or any pattern of bowel movements which is slower than your personal normal. There is no shame in approaching an RMT to help you with this, we all get a little slow sometimes. Constipation is relatively simple and easy to treat, often with swift results.

But there’s way more in our abdomen than intestines. Women frequently suffer from period cramps and pregnancy-related scars and muscle pains – we see these often, too. There is a large component of an RMT’s education around women’s health and abdomino-pelvic organs and associated pains.

Here’s a brief list of common concerns we can help with to start:

- Constipation/Diarrhea (including IBS, Crohn’s, etc.)

- Bladder or Uterus Cramps and Pain

- Scars from surgeries or injuries

- Hip flexor tension

- Diaphragm and breathing issues or cramps

- Gastric reflux (GERD)

What CAN’T we do?

RMTs CANNOT help with fertility, nor can we treat the pelvic floor directly. Accessing the abdomen any other way than directly through the front of our belly is out of an RMT’s scope, and there is limited scholarly research supporting direct massage of organs for fertility – good luck ever getting that research through an ethics board!

We take every precaution to go slow and steady with patients so they are comfortable and feel included in the treatment. Breast tissue is securely covered with a towel to avoid any exposure of sensitive areas at any time. We can also simply treat through the sheets or clothes.

Now if you’re having any of the above issues and are curious about RMT, please click the links in our profile and book online to see if we can help!