We Are Looking for a Physiotherapist To Join Our Team!

Physiohaus Health + Wellness is excited to offer a position to a talented and passionate physiotherapist with our team. Our team of dynamic physiotherapists has contributed to a clinic that is a preferred referral source of members of the medical community and is a trusted source for rehabilitation in London, Ontario.

Why Work At Physiohaus?

We offer 1 hour assessments and both 30 and 45 minute extended treatment options. This allows you to provide your best care when working with us! We have developed a reputation for additional treatment options including our TMJ, RunLAB, Vestibular and Pelvic Health care.

In addition to Physiotherapy, we have experienced chiropractic and massage therapists working with us. We have a supportive and experienced administrative team who helps you manage your caseload and grow.


Our new physiotherapist will be passionate about rehabilitation. They will be confident and collaborate with our clinical team, and with our referring physicians. They will bring knowledge and enthusiasm to our clinical mentoring sessions and focus on personal and clinic growth.

Evidence Guided Care

Physiohaus is physiotherapist owned and operated. Since opening in 2017, we have stayed committed to providing client-centred and evidence-informed care. We have 4 FCAMPT therapists on our team and are recognized for our manual therapy and clinical reasoning. We have supported our clinicians with mentorship and inservices, and a culture of communication that allows them to work at their best!

While experience and dedication to the physiotherapy profession are important, preference will be given to additional qualifications in: manual therapy, pelvic health, vestibular, concussion, dry needling or acupuncture. On-site support will be provided to the successful candidate.

Please send resume and expression of interest to: cheryl@physiohaus.ca