What is “cadence” and how can it help me?  

Cadence is the number of steps you take per minute. Most runners average 155-160 steps/minute. While there isn’t a magical number, aiming somewhere between 170-190 steps/minute may help.

You can increase your cadence by taking shorter steps while running at the same speed.A study by Luedke found that those with a cadence < 166 had a higher risk of injury. They also suggested that increasing cadence:

  • can minimize ‘overstriding’ by making your foot land underneath your body
  •  minimizing braking forces and reducing impact on your knees and hips)

How do I measure my cadence?

There are many apps such as runtempo.com that will allow you to determine your cadence and work to slowly adjust it. 

Remember to use smart principles as you adjust!

• Keep it gradual

• Consider doing this in short intervals versus throughout the whole run

• Give your body time to adjust to small changes 

• Have fun!

If you are seeking a professional analysis of your running mechanics and some guidance regarding injury, book into our Runlab.