When we experience an injury or illness, it can affect our ability to work. This is understandably stressful and can impact our lives in many ways, including financially, emotionally, and physically. The good news is that limitations or disability following a work injury are generally temporary. Most people return to work within a month, although it may take longer in some situations. Some people might need modifications or accommodations when they return to work.

Work rehabilitation helps people return to work after an illness or injury. When possible, work rehabilitation can also help people stay at work as they manage their illness or injury. To understand how physical therapists and chiropractors can best support people as they return to work, experts in work rehabilitation reviewed all the available research and discussed what the research means. This research has been published so that clinicians and patients understand the partnership required between the two in managing a work injury.

Physical therapy can help you return to work after injury or illness. To provide the best support, therapists need to understand the type of work you do, your goals, and your concerns or worries about returning to work. You may be asked to fill out questionnaires and forms about your illness or injury, and to discuss the types of tasks you do at work and any limitations due to your illness or injury. Your physical therapist may ask you to perform certain movements to get a better idea of how your illness or injury is affecting you.

With a clear picture of your situation, you and your physical therapist can decide together on a plan to help get you back to work and other activities. The plan may include exercises, changing how you do certain tasks, and coordinating with your employer to accommodate your needs as you return to work.

A physical therapist can also help answer questions you may have, such as: “How long is this going to last?” “Will I be able to return to work?” “What will the process be like?” and “What is expected of me?”

If you have a work related injury and are wanting to optimize your recovery, give us a call to discuss your situation.