Physiohaus is dedicated to supporting the London running community with our RunLAB.

The RunLAB is specifically designed for runners, and supports a range of fitness levels from amateurs, everyday runners, and the elite. It aims to improve the well-being of people across their life stage with proven, evidence-based outcomes.

“With many people wanting to become more active and get moving again, we wanted to provide the community with a variety of services to address the barriers to improving their fitness and training” shared Cheryl Richardson at Physiohaus.

Whether it’s avoiding injury, or returning to healthier running habits, the RuLAB provides effective support and injury prevention training for running enthusiasts.

“We’re seeing an increasing number of runners seeking techniques they can learn from experts. Some can reduce pain, improve training quality and improve performance. They are seeking immediate results and expertise in this area.”

A running assessment is undertaken at our London Ontario clinic, by a dedicated physio who has training in running assessment, analysis and injury management. Innovative video technology is used to assess your movement, and we create a program with functional exercises to assist running techniques and address any strength deficits.

Physiohaus has a proven track record of helping people back to optimal health, leveraging technology to offer individualized results.