Physiohaus is fielding several calls from people who are wondering how we assess and treat TMJ issues.

Many of our patients know that temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) problems are common source of pain in the face, neck and headaches. Often, the jaw pain is so severe that it creates major impact on quality of life. After all, TMJ is the joint responsible for some of our most important functions, such as breathing, eating and talking, In other cases, seemingly “silent” TMJ causes chronic issues with the neck or reoccurring headaches.

Cheryl Richardson and Jordan Kersten perform a detailed examination that often reveals jaw deviation(uneven opening) and/ or clicking of the joint. Postural analysis and neck examination are also important as TMJ function relies heavily on proper posture and neck mobility.

Treatment for TMJ disorder requires postgraduate training and a diverse approach. Cheryl Richardson and Jordan Kersten perform a number of treatment techniques including manual therapy, IMS, acupuncture and specific exercises. We work with your Dentist or Oral Surgeon as well to co-ordinate care. We also have an excellent, experienced massage therapist (Holly Hamilton) who is able to release intra-oral muscles.

If you would like an assessment of your TMJ and are interested in determining the best course of treatment, please call Physiohaus at 519-204-4445 to book.